Here is just a few comments from our clients :


Nice to see you have finally put together your own website. Good luck for the future.
Samantha Jones, Project Manager​


Hi Reg. Just to say thanks again for all your help. You showed me things I never dreamed of. You helped me to believe in myself.

Nigel  T. , Paramedic.


I was already in my forties when I started with you Reg . I wish I had known how much fun it could be. The results have astonished me .Thank you so much.

C.Craven, Artist .



Best of luck in your new gym. Good news for them; bad for us ;-(

Paul G. ,  Transport Executive .

​Ahoj Reg !  diky za vzdycky bezvadny trenink, dokazal jsi, ze jazyk fakt neni prekazka. Preju ti, at to porad jde dobre a

mas spoustu dalsich spokojenych zakaznic, kterym taky budou zavidet shozena kila, zlepsujici se postavu a nohy, za kterymi uz se zase chlapi otaceji. Diky moc Reg, tesim se na dalsi kolo treninku !

Radka M., recepcni .



Halo Reg. My frend told me of you. I want train by you very mucht. I can telephone soon you,

Michal T.